God Told Me Why Digitalizing Everyone On Earth Is Impossible Now

God Told Me Why Digitalizing Everyone On Earth Is Impossible Now

The Lord said that the plan to chip every single human being on Earth is not going to hold.

If you look at the world today you will see that the hearts of men are feeling them because of the happenings around the world. For some time now I have become very much worried because of the trying times the world is going through right now, but God has been calming me down. Each time I try to look at the nearest future, seeing what is happening right now, I see many things are capable of troubling our hearts. The Bible says, “see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet.” (Matthew 24:6B). Therefore we have to trust God for His unfailing Word and be not troubled. If not that God is helping us the world would have been in a bigger trouble by now.

Sometime last year I had a very encouraging vision and I want to share it with us. I saw a Bible and I saw the leaves of a Bible flipping as they were being blown by a gentle breeze. I heard the voice of the Holy Spirit saying that it is impossible to digitalize every single human being in the world right now because this thing is against the Scriptures and that this is what supposed to happen after the Rapture. The Lord said that the plan to chip every single human being on Earth is not going to hold.

I have done a lot of research on the COVID-19 pandemic and I know that it is not actually a pandemic but a “PLANDEMIC”. Theirs is a very serious agenda behind most of what we see. There are lots of things that have been planned out which will be rolled out with time, as part of the plan to usher in a New World Order. What do we do as God’s children? Should we fold our hands and watch the enemies make a mess of the world? Should we sit and fold our hands because God will fight for us? No! We have our own role to play. Children of God, it is time to come together as one and resist the forces of the world of darkness so that we the soldiers of Christ can enforce the will of God on Earth.

Vision: Message to Christians, Especially Pastors

I had a vision in which I heard the voice of the Lord. It sounded as if it was the voice of a man but I knew in the vision that it was the Lord that was speaking. He said, “People pass me by to meet my ministers. They pass by to meet the pastors.” As He was speaking I saw a man standing (which represents the Lord). After the man there was a pastor standing too. People were passing by to meet the pastor standing just a few steps away. The Lord feels bad seeing that many of His children don’t run to Him as they ought to. He expects His children to see Him their Lord and the only that should be obeyed and worshipped but it is not so with many Christians today. The Lord explained to me that many Christians see Him as irrelevant, hence they honor their pastors more than Him. Some men of God also exalt themselves above God, hereby causing their followers to give them the glory that belongs to God alone. The Lord is very disappointed at those who do not regard Him as their SUPREME LORD AND FINAL AUTHORITY, instead are loyal to His ministers. This is a call for total repentance. The Lord is coming back again and there is an urgent need to repent and prepare for His Return.

Forced COVID-19 Vaccination warning Visions

Forced COVID-19 Vaccination warning Visions

This is a message that the Lord gave me for someone in Canada. It came as a personal message to the person but it is a message that concerns others. I am sharing this message with everyone because it is applicable to other Christians in Canada and other parts of the world where covid-19 vaccine will be administered or is being administered already. I was in a vision I saw a Christian woman and I heard the voice of the LORD telling her to cleanse herself. He said trouble is about breaking out in Canada. The type of trouble was not mentioned but I understood it to be the globalists’ agenda of digitalizing all humans and merging us with machines. As a result of the trouble that is coming, God wants to strengthen the Christians that are in the affected areas by releasing His Holy Spirit upon them. The Holy Spirit is to empower them so that they can be empowered to stand strong in their faith. This is the reason the Christian sister was asked to cleanse herself. Again I heard a voice answering a question. The question is, “what if I can’t cope with the persecutions because I don’t want to compromise?” THE voice of LORD said, “Then move out of that environment if you can’t cope.” Some days ago I saw someone in a vision moving from his country towards Africa but he wasn’t sure of his destination. I understood that he wasn’t moving to any particular state or town but was just moving out, being uncertain about his destination. He was moving out because of the COVID-19 agenda. The Holy Spirit told me that those who do not want to be vaccinated yet can’t fight back should move out. Again, this new year I saw a Pastor who was very vocal during the first lockdown. He was told that mandatory vaccination has started. He paused for a while and then thought about it. Then I saw him in the vision flying Christians who refused to be vaccinated from Western countries to Africa for safety. They were all white people. There was no black person in their midst.

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URGENT MESSAGE FROM GOD: “Proclaim… ‘I Am Coming Back Very Soon”‘

In a vision I was given a pen to write. So the person who gave me the pen dictated to me. He said, “Write, ‘Jesus Christ is coming back soon'”. Then he said, “Proclaim these words.” Then I saw dark clouds all over the atmosphere. The clouds were very low and dark. Then I heard a voice that says, “These dark clouds represent the anger of God. God is very angry.”

Please repent of your sins. Jesus Christ is coming back to judge all evildoers. Ephesians 5:5-7 says, “For this ye know, that no whoremonger, nor unclean person, nor covetous man, who is an idolater, hath any inheritance in the kingdom of Christ and of God. Let no man deceive you with vain words: for because of these things cometh the wrath of God upon the children of disobedience. Be not ye therefore partakers with them.”

Rapture Vision: God Said “Everything Should be Pointing Everyone to the Rapture”

Rapture Vision: God Said “Everything Should be Pointing Everyone to the Rapture”

On the 27th of December 2019 I saw a Christian club in a vision. It was sealed in a way that no one inside could hear or see what is happening outside. As I looked I discovered that the Rapture took place and those inside were left behind, and were not even aware that they had been left behind. Then the Spirit of the LORD spoke to me saying, “Everything now should be pointing Everyone to the Rapture.”

This vision is similar to the Vision of a Glass Wall, God’s Kingdom and Lukewarm Christians.

Kindly the video below:

He said this because there’s need to create urgent awareness about the return of Jesus Christ. I prayed about this and God gave me the interpretation of the vision.

The Christian club I saw, He said, is the modern Laodicean Church that is living in lukewarmness. He said many Churches are just like social clubs. As the Christian club I saw was sealed, sound proofed and cut off from the outside so also many Churches are cut off from Jesus Christ. They are not watching but are busy with listening to lies and brainwashing of false prophets and pastors.

The Lord also made me to understand that many false pastors are keeping their members under bewitchment so that they will not listen to the truth. Their members are cut off from where ever they could hear the truth that can set them free.

Apostle Paul asked, “O foolish Galatians, who hath bewitched you, that ye should not obey the truth….?” (Galatians 3:1). The judgement of God is coming upon all such deceivers so do not follow their evil ways.

Repent and be ready for the appearing of our LORD and Saviour Jesus Christ in the Rapture.

Please watch the video below. It is A Serious Warning From Jesus Christ to False Prophets and Pastors.