Prophetic Messages: God’s Judgment is Coming Against the NWO Globalists

Prophetic Messages: God’s Judgment is Coming Against the NWO Globalists

These are messages God gave me about His impending judgment on the cabals that are implementing the New World Order agenda in order to enslave humanity. The dates the messages were received are written above each of the messages.

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December 8th, 2022.
I heard the Holy Spirit said, “Restoration of unbiased rule of law.”

11th December 2022.

In a vision, I saw a man who stretched his two hands as if he tried to obstruct someone from passing by. Then I heard a voice that said, “I am the Lord, no one can stand against Me and My written Word. I am jealous of man because he was created in My own image and likeness. Nobody can tamper with humanity to rewrite My code without my intervention. Their plan is huge, but I am here already to stop them. A human will remain a human, therefore, those humans who try to elevate themselves to the position of God shall be brought down.”Then He said to me, “Tell My people that the wickedness of man has risen up to My throne. I have seen the innocent being suppressed. Their cry has come up to Me. My judgment shall roar against the wicked families of the world. I will judge them in broad daylight. I will step on top of their humanity and make them vomit their evil agenda. Three times have I been silent to see how far they can go. Without restrictions, they will keep going if I do not stop them.”

“To all those of you who put your trust in Donald Trump, know that neither Donald Trump nor any other person can save you but God alone. I the Lord uses anyone I choose, therefore, put your trust in Me your God and Savior. I will pour My Spirit on the one I am going to use to bring judgment. He shall take the leap of a frog and shall pursue the wicked with an unusual pace. He shall fight, not as a man but like one on a mission to rescue those who have been captured. My Spirit shall lead him to carry out My judgment. With a sword of fire shall he pursue the wicked.”

15th December 2022.

The Lord said, “If I do not intervene in the affairs of humanity to interrupt the plans of the wicked, humans shall scream in agony to their Maker. I have seen the tears of the oppressed. I have seen the deliberate impoverishment of families and nations, hence, My divine interventions. I have chosen a few people across the world. They shall stand for me in resisting the strong fist of the wicked ones. I need more intercessors to pray for them. And it shall come to pass when my first foot touches the earth that My judgment shall start against them. I have given them enough time to repent, but they refused. Now, I mean, now is the judgment of the wicked. When I drop My other foot on the earth shall men rejoice over the downfall of the wicked men, but their rejoicing shall be for a time because it is a time for evil to reign. Stand up and support those I have chosen to fight against evil. They shall do it without the fear of death. Let intercessors pray for them on a daily basis.”

20th of December 2022.
“I, the Lord, will raise someone who will give justice to My people. He shall remove your yokes of burdens.”
The Lord showed me a warehouse, in a vision, where vaccines were stored. I saw that they were being taken away for destruction.

23rd December 2022.
The Lord said, “If I had not restricted the enemy, many would have been in slavery by now.”
This statement was made about the US.

5th January 2023

In a vision, I heard the Lord saying, “I will raise Moseses all over the world that will resist the force of evil. They shall be people across different religions. All flesh is mine. I will stir up the hearts of people and open their eyes to see the truth. And I will give wisdom to judges to execute judgements according to what is due the wicked. Men shall again unite with one voice. My Spirit shall accomplish this, says the Lord.”

God Told Me Why Digitalizing Everyone On Earth Is Impossible Now

God Told Me Why Digitalizing Everyone On Earth Is Impossible Now

The Lord said that the plan to chip every single human being on Earth is not going to hold.

If you look at the world today you will see that the hearts of men are feeling them because of the happenings around the world. For some time now I have become very much worried because of the trying times the world is going through right now, but God has been calming me down. Each time I try to look at the nearest future, seeing what is happening right now, I see many things are capable of troubling our hearts. The Bible says, “see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet.” (Matthew 24:6B). Therefore we have to trust God for His unfailing Word and be not troubled. If not that God is helping us the world would have been in a bigger trouble by now.

Sometime last year I had a very encouraging vision and I want to share it with us. I saw a Bible and I saw the leaves of a Bible flipping as they were being blown by a gentle breeze. I heard the voice of the Holy Spirit saying that it is impossible to digitalize every single human being in the world right now because this thing is against the Scriptures and that this is what supposed to happen after the Rapture. The Lord said that the plan to chip every single human being on Earth is not going to hold.

I have done a lot of research on the COVID-19 pandemic and I know that it is not actually a pandemic but a “PLANDEMIC”. Theirs is a very serious agenda behind most of what we see. There are lots of things that have been planned out which will be rolled out with time, as part of the plan to usher in a New World Order. What do we do as God’s children? Should we fold our hands and watch the enemies make a mess of the world? Should we sit and fold our hands because God will fight for us? No! We have our own role to play. Children of God, it is time to come together as one and resist the forces of the world of darkness so that we the soldiers of Christ can enforce the will of God on Earth.

Forced COVID-19 Vaccination warning Visions

Forced COVID-19 Vaccination warning Visions

This is a message that the Lord gave me for someone in Canada. It came as a personal message to the person but it is a message that concerns others. I am sharing this message with everyone because it is applicable to other Christians in Canada and other parts of the world where covid-19 vaccine will be administered or is being administered already. I was in a vision I saw a Christian woman and I heard the voice of the LORD telling her to cleanse herself. He said trouble is about breaking out in Canada. The type of trouble was not mentioned but I understood it to be the globalists’ agenda of digitalizing all humans and merging us with machines. As a result of the trouble that is coming, God wants to strengthen the Christians that are in the affected areas by releasing His Holy Spirit upon them. The Holy Spirit is to empower them so that they can be empowered to stand strong in their faith. This is the reason the Christian sister was asked to cleanse herself. Again I heard a voice answering a question. The question is, “what if I can’t cope with the persecutions because I don’t want to compromise?” THE voice of LORD said, “Then move out of that environment if you can’t cope.” Some days ago I saw someone in a vision moving from his country towards Africa but he wasn’t sure of his destination. I understood that he wasn’t moving to any particular state or town but was just moving out, being uncertain about his destination. He was moving out because of the COVID-19 agenda. The Holy Spirit told me that those who do not want to be vaccinated yet can’t fight back should move out. Again, this new year I saw a Pastor who was very vocal during the first lockdown. He was told that mandatory vaccination has started. He paused for a while and then thought about it. Then I saw him in the vision flying Christians who refused to be vaccinated from Western countries to Africa for safety. They were all white people. There was no black person in their midst.

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