God said “MMM interest is peoples sweat and tears it will soon crash”

This is a warning message God gave to Hosanna David on Monday 12th December, 2016 about the collapse of Mavrodi Mondial Moneybox (MMM). This message made a lot of people to laugh at Hosanna David but the Word of God later came to pass.

This message was published on Eagle Eye Opener Global Outreach Inc. on the 20th December 2016. Here’s the message below:

On the night of Monday 12th December, 2016 I had a dream about MMM. When I woke up, I heard the voice of God saying, “You must warn My children about this MMM”.

God said to me “Tell my children, of what joy is it to you if the flesh from your neighbour makes you grow fat while your neighbour gets drained up because of the tears from his losses? How many of you who call yourselves children of the Most High God do not know that MMM will not last forever? Have you not read in My Word that the end of a thing is better than the beginning? (‘Better is the end of a thing than the beginning thereof’ Eccl. 7:8). If you rob Peter with the enticement of fabulous interest to pay Paul, of what use will Peter’s tears be to you.

“My son, tell my children that every interest they receive form MMM is people’s sweat and tears. Tell them that MMM is not a business but it is trickery. Like mist, MMM will vanish; leaving many sorrowful.

“Tell my children to rid themselves of worldliness. The arrival of MMM has increased the rate of worldliness. The love for winning souls has decreased among those to whom I have committed the charged of soul winning. My ambassadors should not replace the great gospel of saving souls with financial gains.

“Tell my people to repent. If they repent I will show them mercy. For those who will experience losses, if they genuinely repent, I will heal their foolishness and bless them again. Tell them that Satan has plans to take lives when it will collapse and populate his kingdom in Hell. Those who will lose money and properties should look up to Me for their healing and I will restore back to them; if they do not repent and come to Me for their healing but proceed to take their lives, they will inherit eternal regret.

“Tell all My Shepherds to be vigilant so that they lose none of the sheep I have committed to their care.”

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