When we preach to sinners what do we tell them? “Jesus loves you, repent of your sins”. This is the Gospel and I guess this is the message you preach to sinners. When you tell sinners “Jesus loves you” what you are saying is that “Jesus Christ loves you but He hates sin, therefore, repent so that you will not be condemned because of your sins.”

God reaches out to sinners because He loves them. He is angry with sinners because they reject the truth but anger is not hatred. God hates sin not the sinner. Jesus Christ loves sinners and He goes to any length to save them. If sinners refuse to repent God’s justice will pay them for their evil deeds, which is eternal destruction in Hell Fire. It is not “God’s hatred” that sends sinners to Hell Fire, but it is their rejection of the truth. Read John 3:18. God doesn’t hate His Children because of their sins. He hates sin but loves sinners. He keeps calling them for repentance till death.

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