I had a vision in which I heard the voice of the Lord. It sounded as if it was the voice of a man but I knew in the vision that it was the Lord that was speaking. He said, “People pass me by to meet my ministers. They pass by to meet the pastors.” As He was speaking I saw a man standing (which represents the Lord). After the man there was a pastor standing too. People were passing by to meet the pastor standing just a few steps away. The Lord feels bad seeing that many of His children don’t run to Him as they ought to. He expects His children to see Him their Lord and the only that should be obeyed and worshipped but it is not so with many Christians today. The Lord explained to me that many Christians see Him as irrelevant, hence they honor their pastors more than Him. Some men of God also exalt themselves above God, hereby causing their followers to give them the glory that belongs to God alone. The Lord is very disappointed at those who do not regard Him as their SUPREME LORD AND FINAL AUTHORITY, instead are loyal to His ministers. This is a call for total repentance. The Lord is coming back again and there is an urgent need to repent and prepare for His Return.