They wondered why their plan was not working smoothly as planned. Then the Holy Spirit spoke to me and made me understand the men are globalists that plan to trap humanity in order to control them. They are confused because some people are speaking up and exposing their evil agenda. As a result people’s eyes are beginning to open and are resistant. Because of this the globalists plan to assassinate selected persons who are speaking up to expose their agenda. They choose to use bioweapons to eliminate them so that the public will not have any suspicion. The Holy Spirit spoke to me in that vision and said “Tell my children to pray to scatter their evil plans. Let them also pray for those who are speaking up to expose their evil agenda.”

This is a warning message I received from the Holy Spirit on the 27th of November 2021. In a vision I saw some men, about four of them, dressed in black suites standing outside by a black jeep. They all looked worried, restless and confused. They were pacing back and forth restlessly.

This message was originally posted on Eagle Eye Opener Global Outreach website on December 4, 2021.

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