This is the revelation that the Lord gave me on the 23rd of March 2017. I believe God revealed these things so that Christians can be awakened. The days are getting darker, there is therefore need to watch and pray even as we await the Rapture of the Saints.

“And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring” (Luke 21:25).

Here is the message:

“There shall soon come upon my Saints the time of distress. It will be a time that persecution shall break out against My faithful servants in the Church. Satan has launched his attacks against My chosen ones.  He is doing everything he can to make sure that My children do not read the Bible again. There is an increase in social media activities to consume the precious time of My children so that they will not have time to read My Word.  My Word has been stolen from many pulpits in many Churches. Whenever I say, ‘Who shall I send, who will go for Us?’ almost everyone that hears Me wants to go but only a few, I mean, only a few speak for Me on the pulpit.”

“Satan has vowed to wipe off righteousness from the Church. Let those who long for the coming of My Kingdom persevere in their faith and be steadfast to My true standard. I tell you the truth, they will never regret it. My heart bleeds daily because of the dullness and the foolishness of the hearts of My children but I shall soon be comforted. After the Harvest, I shall, with contentment receive the few ones that are saved by the mighty hand of My Father.  Then my heart shall be comforted, for the sorrow of My heart (because of lost souls) shall be overtaken by the bliss of Heaven and the joy of My faithful ones. Though some that I love shall weep eternally in agony, I shall truly be comforted for I shall take delight in the judgment of My Father.  I say, I shall be comforted because when I knocked at their doors they refused to let me in.”


I heard the voice of the wicked Satan saying, “Make sure nobody is clean. Possess every baby that is born into this world before they get to the age of 5. Hook them all to unholiness and darkness before the Holy One of God makes them useless to us. Up, work, for time is running out on us. Up, work tirelessly! There is no time!”

At this point, the Lord opened my eyes and I saw a boy of about 3 years old. He was wearing a dress worn mostly by the Ibos in Nigeria. His body was well covered. The Lord also showed me another vision. I saw a little girl of about four (4) years old. She was on a corridor of an upstairs. The place she was was like the fifth floor of a story building. Suddenly, her toy fell from her hand to the ground. She wept so bitterly and did not want to be comforted unless it is restored to her. When it was picked up for her she was comforted. I could see the happiness she had. She so much cherished it. She started playing with it immediately she got it back. At this point my attention was drawn to the doll the little girl was playing with. Some unique features about the doll caught my attention. The doll was dressed with a thong, it had elongated eyelash, pouted lips, deliberately enlarged hips and accentuated buttocks. The back of the doll was curved to make it look sexier.

Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “This is one of the reasons many female children become possessed with demons. Look at what parents model their children after. They don’t model their little ones after Mary My lovely daughter, but after these plastic prostitutes.” Then the Lord said to me, “Hosanna, tell parents of female children that they have more work to do in order to secure their children from being possessed by evil spirits. Tell them that Satan has vowed to make every single female look like medicine that will intoxicate men like strong drink. Satan chose to use women than men because of their weakness and their openness to worldliness. Tell all parents of both males and females to muzzle their children at childhood so that they can have self-sufficiency and self-control through the power of my Spirit.”


Again, on the 27th of March 2017 the Lord also revealed the following to me. “A time of distress is coming upon the world. Then, men shall be stretched by circumstances and they shall show wickedness to their fellows. But I am more concerned about My chosen ones.”

After I heard this I had a vision. I saw a man walking alone on a road in the dark. The man was slim. He was carrying a very heavy load on his head. Though the load was too heavy for him he kept moving on. Then the voice of Lord spoke to me and said, “Iniquity shall be on the increase. Men shall attempt committing iniquities that are heavier than what their hearts could imagine, yet they shall not be shocked by the weight of their iniquities but they shall yearn for more iniquities and heap iniquities upon iniquities. Because of the willingness of men to work with My enemy Satan, the hearts of men shall not be satiated with sin. Like a bottomless well, men shall be drunk with evil. I tell you the truth, when the eyes of the newly born infants can no longer secure mercy from the hearts of their own mothers, know that the Son of Man is very much at hand, and will delay no longer. When the righteous see these things let their hearts not faint but let them become wiser. Let them take refuge in my Word and in the eternal comfort of the Holy Spirit.”


“To the one I love in truth Daniel the faithful, I revealed this. The time is coming and it is now. Though it shall be a little while from now, these times shall not escape its grip.

“Many righteous people shall be bent over by the oppression of the severe distress but I will not fail to be with them in their distress because in this they shall be refined (Daniel 12:10). I shall not also fail to raise intercessors for My people at this time to suppress wickedness and make a covering cloud for the safe passage of My faithful ones.”

“I am the Ancient of Days. Time itself stands in awe of Me! Who will not fear the mysteries of my Omniscience? I plant nations and I erase the one I want and make it a desolate waste. Same for you O Earth, you shall soon be folded up and you shall be no more for a time (Rev. 21:1).  So shall it be to you when I cleanse you of all the defilement of that Harlot that filled you with all forms and levels of impurities (Rev. 17:1-18; 18:3ff). This will I do before My rule be established fully again.”


The Lord further said, “The devil and his agents carried out a research. They discovered that the easiest way to have control over humanity and also have a firm grip on the Church is for them to possess children”.

After that I had a vision and I wanted to write down what I saw but the Lord told me not to write it down. “It is for your personal consumption,” He said. “Nevertheless, let them know this common tactic of initiation. Tell mothers and fathers that there are many hair perming creams (hair relaxers) that are being produced in the water world.  They act like a stamp (seal) to a coded agreement when someone makes use of them. Their primary job is to animate every single hair they touch. Just as you see the hair perming (relaxing and becoming soft) physically, so also every single strand of hair is animated spiritually to become a serpent.  Though it is a blind initiation, the weight of this covenant slows down the spiritual life of My children. These serpents have supernatural influences upon the sexual urge of the people that wear them in order to maintain a free flow of blood to the kingdoms of darkness and also keep people in the impurities that give demons free accesses into their lives. These serpents give those wearing them insatiable and unusual sexual urge. They also possess charming and seductive powers that can lure men into sexual sins. These creams are already supplanting the less harmful ones in the market.”


“Hosanna, tell my children who have been redeemed that they owe me the duty of keeping themselves from being polluted by the world (James 1:27). When the souls of men are enslaved, their spirits are made heavy; their bodies become instruments in the hands of Satan the devil. There is the smoke of lukewarmness blown into my Church to cause the righteous to sleep off in the sleep of unwatchfulness. If watchmen are heavy drinkers of wine and deep sleepers, then the looters would be drunk with the happiness of their victories even in the battlefield. Soldiers of Christ rise up and wake up because of the distress that is coming and has already come upon the world and the Church. But blessed is the one who abstains from sexual sins, and any form of spiritual guile not found in his spirit, but is up, awake in watchfulness, and found worthy, clothed with the cloud of my glory and the white woolen garment of righteousness and holiness, thoroughly watched in the Blood of the slain Lamb of God.”

“The time for the battle against my chosen ones in the Church has come – a time when the man of iniquity will be ushered in. When his time fully ripens a battle shall break out in the Church against my few saints. Then my saints will need not be told that the time has come, for it shall be the time of their purification through trials”.

“Let him that hears these words not keep them covered, because it is time for the things spoken of in the Scripture concerning the end to be fulfilled, but let them shout it aloud that, ‘The One who died to save us is coming back soonest with judgment and recompense in His hands.” Amen.

This is the time to watch at all times. We do not need to be told that this is the end time, the signs are all around us. Keep your garments white in the Blood of the Lamb and be ready at all times because this world is not our home.

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