Below is a warning message the Lord gave to me on the 18th of January 2024. Kindly read and share with others.

“The spirit of sexual immorality has gone out into the world. There are many girls who secretly video record and snap pictures of their private parts, and sell them secretly to make money. Now, tell them that they are playing a dangerous game. They should not think that they are safe just because their faces do not appear on the videos and pictures. Tell them that every single one of those videos and pictures lands on the altar of the devil. All those who do this sell their rights and dominions as humans to demons. All those whose videos & pictures land on the altar of Satan open up their lives to demonic accesses and oppressions. This is why many people are struggling in life. Some of them have become frustrated. These demons are capable of invoking their spirits out of those videos and pictures to imprison them and also to commit sexual immorality with them. There is nothing that can set these set of people free except by genuine repentance and deliverance by the power of Jesus Christ. I will judge everyone whose videos and pictures are on the altar of the devil because they have committed the crimes of multiplying demonic powers against humankind and also increase sexual immorality on the earth, which bleeds and cries out for judgment. I, the LORD have spoken.

“Warn pastors who don’t speak against sexual immorality, and teach people how to live sexually pure and also break free from sexual bondages, that no matter how much they preach My Word and work for Me. They will NEVER see the Kingdom of Heaven. This is because they allow sexual immorality to breed before their very eyes. Tell them that they are judged already.”