There had been a lot of controversies among Christians concerning the issue of tithe.  This controversy was sparked off recently majorly because of the luxurious lives many rich men of God live, mismanaging tithes and offerings, spending too much on frivolous things while the poor around them die of hunger. No Holy Spirit-led Christian can contest this that majority of rich men of God today are greedy and are worshipping the god of Mammon. Personally, I am not surprised because this is end time! The Scripture says, “… Ye cannot serve God and mammon” (Matthew 6:24). But the opposite is the case among majority of today’s Christians.

This issue later became a concern to me. Though I have been taught to tithe as a child I had a slight doubt in my heart whether it was really so necessary for Christians to pay their tithe as it was demanded in the Old Testament era. All this while I never took this question to God in prayer.

Few months ago I traveled to meet a friend. The journey was long and as a result I became very tired when I got there. As I dozed off I had a revelation. I saw my friend in a very dry place. Everything around him was very dry. Then I heard the Holy Spirit told me, “Tell him to pay his tithe. He does not like giving to God. If he starts paying his tithe and giving generously to God the dryness will be no more. Things will change.”

When I got this message from God I quickly seized the opportunity to ask God whether it was still a law for Christians to pay tithe. God replied me, “Tithe is no longer a law but it is love. If you love God you will support His work. It is not a law but love.”

This truth cleared the whole of my petty doubt. Yes! If I love God I will support His work with my money. 

When I told my friend the revelation he opened up to me that he was not tithing, but he promised to change.

A sister watched this video and messaged me that she doesn’t pay Ten percent of her income to God but she pays Fifty percent of her total income to God. She told me that when she was not saved (though she was attending Church services) she was paying her tithe to God but after she became saved from the Fire of Hell she promised God that she would pay Fifty percent of her total income to God as an appreciation to God for not allowing her to perish in her sins when she was just a church-goer. She told me, ‘If you love the Kingdom of God you will support the Kingdom in this world.’

Her words really touched me. I felt the love out of which she gives Fifty percent of her income.  She totally confirmed what God told me, ‘tithe out of love not because it is a law.’

Those who tithe out of fear and after being threatened by their Pastors are not doing it well. Tithe is not a LAW that is binding on New Testament Christians (as in the Old Testament). The “law” binding you today is “love” – if you love God you will not allow His work to die. 

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