A lot of people ask this question if someone who kills himself can make Heaven. Suicide is murder, but murder of oneself. What does the Bible say about murder?

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There’s a popular preacher who tells people that committing suicide does not take one to Hell Fire. This is a lie. Suicide is taking one’s own life. Simply put, it is committing murder against oneself; it is murdering oneself. Murder is a sin. It is a very serious sin against God.

When Cain killed Abel God was angry, and He punished Cain. (Genesis 34-16). Also, in Exodus 20:13 God gave a command: “Thou shalt not kill.” So, whether it is killing of another person or of oneself, murder is murder. Suicide is killing therefore, all those who kill without repenting before they die will face the wrath of God in the eternal fire of Hell.